Mission & Vision

Committed towards Qatar

As part of our continued commitment towards the communities we operate in and serve, we at HDC work closely with various organisations and local communities to achieve better living for all.

HDC initiated one of its most successful programs which is called “Charity Fridays”. As all HDC outlets on Friday deduct 1QR from each bill to be donated to Qatar Charity every month.

Additionally, to mark the occasion of the Holy Month of Ramadan, HDC worked with Qatar Charity to introduce the “Al-Baraha” Ramadan Tent as an initiative to practice spirituality and charity, while simultaneously provide knowledge-based entertainment through various interactive events to visitors.

HDC’s work extends to serve children in need of care. HDC has a continuous relationship with Al Shafallah Centre which provides comprehensive services to children with disabilities through advanced therapies, first-class faculty and counselors offering expertise and care.

HDC proudly collaborates with one of the most reputable charity organisations Qatar Orphans Foundation “Dhreima”. A fully dedicated organisation, taking care of orphans within the framework of Islamic values.

HDC’s commitment in fulfilling its corporate social responsibility towards the local community will be reflected in future similar initiatives and projects. We believe in the power of working together to create a better lifestyle for all.